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Current Issue

January-March 2021| Vol 4| Issue 1


Changing Journal Title from Social Health and Behavior to Asian Journal of Social Health and Behavior

The Social Health and Behavior has been launched for more than 2 years, with a total of 10 issues being published. We sincerely thank all the contributors and readers of the Social Health and Behavi...

Original Article

Leisure activity engagement as a predictor for quality of life in community-Dwelling older adults

Introduction: Participation in leisure activities is greatly associated with the health and well-being of older adults. This study investigated the role of leisure activities in predicting th...

Original Article

Neuropsychological correlates of community function among major depressive disorder outpatients without comorbidity in Hong Kong: An exploratory cross-Sectional study

Introduction: This exploratory cross-sectional study examined the effect of depression on neuropsychological and community function among major depressive disorder (MDD) outpatients without c...

Original Article

Examining the prevalence of hypertension by urban–rural stratification: A Cross-sectional study of nepal demographic and health survey

Introduction: Nepal has one of the highest prevalences of hypertension in South Asia, which also causes other cardiovascular diseases. However, no studies investigated the prevalence and risk...

Original Article

General health of under and over 45-year-old patients with coronary artery diseases

Introduction: As a major cause of mortality, coronary artery diseases (CAD) have become an important health priority in recent years. They can affect physical, mental, and social aspects of h...

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